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Clients' Quotes

"We were interested in adopting.  Kathleen completed our adoption home study.  She did a very thorough job.  We now have a beautiful baby boy."—Adrienne & Keith

“Kathleen listened to each of us in the mediation.  She recognized that we were able to identify our own needs and capable of finding our own solutions.  She mediated a wonderful parenting plan.”—William & Dawn

“McGraw and Associates, LLC and the Institute for Families,  Parenting,  and Children are premier providers of educational and professional trainings.  Kathleen provides workshops that are interesting,  creative,  and original.”—Jennifer

“I assumed that child custody evaluators always sided with the mom.  I was wrong.  Kathleen said that she was focused on my daughter’s best interest.  And,  she was.”—Samuel

“Kathleen was flexible and worked with our busy schedule.  She accommodated us by having weekend and evening appointments available.”—Sandy & Curtis

“We were looking for a therapist that would help our family learn to communicate.  Finally,  my teenagers and I can relate to each other.  Thank you.”—Marjorie

"My agency provides a wide – ranging list of services for children and their families.  We were duplicating some of the services.  Kathleen was able to do an assessment and show us how to eliminate the wasteful redundancy.”—Gary